1 May 2017

Ein Schemen

Premiere of ein schemen (A recomposition of Ein Deutsches Requiem) performed by Remy van Kesteren (Harp), Nederlands Kamerkoor directed by Peter Dijkstra. 6 performances between 12-21 May around Holland.

15 Feb 2017



Very happy to announce the release of Subvoice - double CD and book on Unsounds. SUBVOICE is a collection of nine recent works: Words and Song Without Words, Paramyth, Toponymy, Music for Viola, Circadian Surveillance, Der Komponist, Testudo, Politicus, Oneiricon. Works that represent an investigation into ideas of voice and language. The music is built on traces of voices and texts that seem to speak or sing in an intimate form of dialogue, either as text that is directly encoded into music, or in traces of voice that are embedded and dissolved into the musical fabric. Great cast of musicians and ensembles ranging from solo to orchestra.

1 Feb 2017

MAZE in Kontraklang Festival - Berlin

MAZE played oneiricon in the Kontraklang festival in Berlin. Here is a nice image from the performance (photo by Kai Bienert):