Ensemble and soundtrack for dance.

ascent is a reworking of a piece written for dance group LeineRoebana in 2000. Originally a cantus firmus for fixed soundtrack and 4 random CD players, in 2009 it was reworked for a new performance of LeineRoebana partly by them and partly by myself. In 2010 it was performed with added live musicians, Ensemble MAE and organ. This was performed 4 times in May at the Orgelpark, Amsterdam together with cantus firmus from 2000, and 6 new pieces by ex-students of mine from the Koninklijk Conservatorium; Diego Soifer, Marija Olijnyk, Tomo Hashimoto, Ilya Ziblat, Hollas Longton and Jeremiah Runnels.

dancers from Leine and Roebana's Ascent
3 dancers from LeineRoebana's Ascent with artwork by Madelon Hoykaas.