dreams of the blind

Ensemble (9), soundtrack, video text [35′].

For piano, voice, recorders, clarinets, trombone, percussion, electric guitar, violin, contrabass.

dreams of the blind is a suite of 5 pieces for ensemble, electronics and video. The dreams accounts of blind people seemed a suitable starting point, partly because it’s often describing sensations and images that language has limitations in describing. It’s the clumsiness by which we use language, its rationality, which sets up an interesting relation with how music functions, which is itself a language of sorts, but one that offers ambiguities and has direct access to certain emotional responses in us. The metaphor of the blind dreamer has also a strange relation to the fact that we a reading accounts of dreams that do not have to do with processing images memories but often sensations of hearing. Also, just as we are forming images in our minds when we read the dream texts, we also hear our mind’s voices reading the text to the music, a way of putting the voice of the audience at the centre, instead of hearing it sung or spoken by a 'performer'.

The music can be ordered from Donemus Publishing House, Amsterdam.

Dreams of the Blind from Yannis Kyriakides on Vimeo.
Yannis' YouTube channel

performance history

27 February 2007 - Premiered by Ensemble MAE conducted by Otto Tausk at Paradiso, Amsterdam. Further performances by Ensemble MAE, conducted by Bas Wiegers in Almeida Theatre (London), Huddersfield Festival, and in many place in NL. It has been performed by Contact Ensemble, Toronto, and by Ensemble Dissonart (GR) at the Klangspuren Festival, AU. It was awarded the Willem Pijper Prijs in 2012 and performed by the ASKO Ensemble, as part of the Dag in de Branding.