poco dolce, molto amaro

voice, viola, microtonal keyboard, coffee grinder, resonance filter (computer) [3′].

for Bob Gilmore and Trio Scordatura

This piece is written in response to Trio Scordatura's project “Nicola Vicentino: A Second Life”. The source of inspiration are the madrigals of the 16th century Italian composer Nicola Vicentino and his ideas of reviving the ancient Greek enharmonic mode. The material of the piece is based on encryptions of the text of the four madrigals using various ciphers mapped onto the enharmonic mode.

Bob Gilmore

The work is dedicated to my good friend Bob Gilmore who sadly passed away on the 2nd of January 2015. The piece was performed by him and Trio Scordatura in November 2014, in Splendor, Amsterdam.