Voice, insect sounds, drum machine [15′].

an electronic garden of eden - a drum machine calls out to its fellow rhythm machines in nature - homoptera - hymenoptera - orthoptera - heteroptera - a simple song of mating and territorial definition on a warm summer afternoon.

Tettix is a Homeric word for cicada.

The piece began its life as music for a dance piece for the choreographer Karl Jay - Lewin. A concert version was made for the voice of Ayelet Harpaz.

tetTIX was recorded in June 2000 and released on the CD “a conSPIracy cantata” [Unsounds 01U] in December 2000.

performance history

  • November 1999; Dance piece performed by Karl Jay - Lewin, London.
  • April 2000; Premiere in Bellevue Theater, Amsterdam as a prelude to the dance piece “Slam Bam” (collaboration with choreographer Marie-Cecile De Bont).
  • Further performances in Den Haag (Korzo), Middelburg (Centrum Nieuwe Muziek), Rotterdam (Lantaren Vester and Dodorama).