Music theatre for soprano, actors, choir, wind ensemble, accordion, contrabass, percussion, electronics

Selected Tulip names from Babylon to Semper Augustus

Concert performance of last movement - Semper Augustus at Gaudeamus, Vredenburg, Utrecht.

tulpmania consists of these parts:

  • 1A Prologue - accordion, choir, percussion [wine glasses, resonant objects], electronics
  • 1B Overture - ensemble, electronics
  • 2 Bol - actor, soprano, keyboard (autontune), accordion, ensemble, percussion (bass drum with cymbals, trautonium + oscillator, vibraphone) electronics
  • 3A Bim Bam Bom - choir (a cappella)
  • 3B Vraag + Aanbod - actors, accordion, ensemble, percussion (marimba, hammer, toy piano, glockenspiel, whip)
  • 3C Achterkamertje - actors, soprano, percussion (hammer), electronics
  • 4A Silver Babies Creeping - choir, electronics
  • 4B Veredeling - actors, soprano, ensemble, accordion, percussion (tulips, paint spray, deoderant, hair dryer, knives, scissors, liquid nitrogen, blow torch, surgical tools), electronics
  • 5A Tiptoe Through The Tulips - choir (a cappella)
  • 5B Tulpisme - actors, soprano, ensemble, accordion, percussion (gongs, small bells, marimba, vibraphone, toy piano, glockenspiel, various cymbals, kick drum), electronics
  • 6 Semper Augustus - soprano, choir, ensemble, accordion, synth, percussion (vibraphone, glockenspiel, tam tam, various sirens) electronics
  • 7 Bubble - 16 players (balloons), electronics
  • 8 Epilogue - percussion (10 wine glasses with water), accordion, clarinet Bb, contrabass, synth

Commissioned by Veenfabriek, ASKO|Schoenberg, Slagwerk Den Haag, with financial assistance from Fonds voor Podiumkunst.

Premiere May 1 2015
Directed by Paul Koek
Texts by Saskia de Jong

Tulpmania score page 45
Tulpmania score - page 45. pdf version
Tulpmania score page 82
Tulpmania score - page 82. pdf version
Tulpmania score page 108
Tulpmania score - page 108. pdf version
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Tulpmania score - page 149. pdf version
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Tulpmania score - page 178. pdf version