String quartet and cassettes [45′]

Composed for Quatuor Bozzini between 2020-2021 with a possible premiere in October 2022.

cassettes is a continous set of 16 pieces for string quartet and electronics based on dreams that I had during the first few months of lockdown, April-June 2020. Accounts of these dreams are encoded in the music that is played by the quartet and also encrypted in the sound textures that surround this. The pieces alternate between quartet as the foreground and electronic interludes, where solos or duos underpin the soundscape. The name 'cassettes' refers to a theory of dreams proposed by Daniel Dennett, that says that dreams are loaded into consciousness like a cassette tape, just before waking.

  1. The Melissus Scheme
  2. All Roads To The Airport Are Blocked
  3. Everyone Is Lost
  4. London Is Covered In Mud
  5. No Coffee All Day
  6. Invisible Games
  7. Pain Particles
  8. Reluctant Hotel Manager
  9. She Lifts The Mountain
  10. Bridges Are Being Dismantled
  11. Body Swap Opera
  12. Submerged
  13. He Complains That Not Much Happens In The Piece
  14. An Injection
  15. Mutating On An Empty Grid
  16. Songs For A Derelict Palace
Page 6 of the score of Cassettes by Yannis Kyriakides