Alto saxophone, violin, vibraphone, soundtrack.

Written for Ensemble Integrales.

In chaoids I set out to explore aspects of rhythmic polyphony. It is a study in slow moving counterpoint of three voices set against a constant pulse. The pulse of the electronic soundtrack, which is made up of raw wavetable sounds, acts like a grid against which the slow changing, but lively organic rhythms of the other instrumnets are percieved . The effect is of intersecting planes of activity which retain their own individual characteristics but are mapped against eachother through the flattening action of the ‘grid’. The term ‘Chaoids’ is borrowed from Deleuze/Guattari‘s “What is Philosophy”. They are defined as ‘forms produced by planes or lines cutting through chaos’.

performance history

  • November 2001; Premiered by Ensemble Intégrales (Barbara Lüneburg, Burkhard Friedrich, Nils Grammerstorf) at Bludenz Contemporary Music Festival, Austria.
  • Subsequently performed by other ensembles including Nosferatu(UK)

The piece is recorded on the Antichamber CD available from Unsounds.

Antichamber CD cover