2 pianos, 2 percussion, video, soundtrack [16′]

In 1878 a 24-year-old Arthur Rimbaud, who by then had already stopped writing poetry, found work at a quarry near Larnaca, Cyprus. He stayed there in various jobs until 1880, when during an argument, it is thought he killed a local worker with a stone, after which he fled to Africa. elsewhere is based on the 5 letters Rimbaud wrote to his family while in Cyprus. These are projected in time with the score during the performance. Alongside these texts, 11 photographs by John Thomson, an Englishman travelling in Cyrus in 1878 are projected and digitally manipulated.

Written for Berlin Piano Percussion with financial support from the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.

The music can be ordered from Donemus Publishing House, Amsterdam.