Piano, string quartet (or sine waves).

Four small speakers playing a constant signal of sliding sine-tones are installed inside a piano where they create sympathetic vibrations with the strings. The piano picks out single notes from this slow flowing harmonic stream. The zen-like nature of this piece is inspired by the pre-socratic philosopher Parmenides who coined the oxymoron ‘hydatorizon’ (water-rooted) to describe his world view in both a material and metaphysical sense. He compares the mind to something like floating seaweed - groundless and drifting - to be rooted in water in one sense is to have lost one’s roots .

hYDAtorizon was recorded by Sem de Jong in ABMA studios, Amsterdam in November 1999 and released on Unsounds CD “a conSPIracy cantata” in December 2000.

performance history

  • May 2000; Premiered by Marion von Tilzer (piano) and Yannis Kyriakides (electronics) at Dodorama, Rotterdam.