junta TV


Music composed for the soundtrack to Stefanos Tsivolpoulos's video installation "Untitled (Remake)" which is a recreation of a test film made for Greek TV at the time of the Military Dictatorship in Greece.

On Untitled (The Remake), 2007 with which he participates in the 1st Athens Biennale, Tsivopoulos turns to archive material from the years of the 1967 dictatorship and the early years of Greek State Television.

He organises the artwork on three levels:
On the first level he employs material from the official celebrations of the Colonels and festivities in the Athens Marble Stadium.
On a second level he shoots the technical equipment then used in the Hellenic Radio television (ERT) studios for the production of news bulletins.
Finally, on a third level he elaborates on some sequences that have been saved from the rehearsals of news bulletin broadcasters of the period and stages a precise appropriation with the use of actors. Such a triple structure attributes multiple meanings to the title: Remake.

On one hand it is a rethinking on the possibility of the reconstruction of reality and the fundamental role technique plays in this process. On the other, it is a comment on the propaganda mechanisms of the regime and the reversed, from the supposedly existing, association between reality and its documentation in the news. What is more, the title Remake highlights the deep roots of contemporary political, television discourse in the typology, clichés and ideologies of the dictatorship era.