manual of forgetting


manual of forgetting exists primarily as an audiovisual installation, but can also be shown live as a 30′ audiovisual performance. It is based on 45 aphorisms by Elias Canetti, which through an algorithm generate looping rhythmic patterns. The text graphics and sounds are highly synchronised and have a hypnotic and perplexing effect on how the meaning of the words are processed. Sometimes the start and end of a sentence is ambiguous, the changing stress of the rhythm implies different meaning, and the repetition of the phrases create doubt in the substance of the words.

manual of forgetting was created for Abstractiepark, a large scale event by 7090. The piece is housed in a column with a hatch that is opened by audience members. Each time the hatch is opened a new video fragment is played.

Manual of Forgetting

Abstractiepark credits

  • Performance, concept + direction: Nora Mulder, Koen Kaptijn + Bert Hana
  • Compositions: Yannis Kyriakides, Bart de Vrees, Eric de Clercq, Ji Youn Kang + Huba de Graaff
  • Sound art: Han Buhrs, Yuri Landman, Nora Mulder, Koen Kaptijn + Niels Brouwer
  • Set design: Joris Speelman, Rodger Dignum + Sanne van Delft
  • Visual arts: Marcel van den Berg
  • Design: Hugo Herrera Tobón
  • Sound: Ron Ruiten
  • Light: James Murray
  • Costumes: Sarah Vos