Bassoon, cello, piano, amplification.

The act of breathing is the main concept behind this piece. Surface noises of the bassoon and piano are highlighted in such a way as to draw attention to both the physicality of the instruments and to the mechanics of playing them. They are transformed into an erratic hyper-ventilating pneumatic machine. The hypnotic and repetitive nature of the music underlines the unceasing flow of breath.

PNEuma was written for the group Palmos (Stephanie Liedke - bassoon, Lorenda Ramou - piano) with guests Kosti Theou (Greece) and John Addison (Holland) on cello. It was first performed in Greece (Corfu-Patras-Kalamata in May 2000) and subsequently in Holland.

PNEuma was written with financial support from Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.