2 bull roarers, cimbalom, piano, harp, accordion, electric guitar, 6 strings, 7 wind/brass [15′].

This is the fourth collaboration with film-maker Ester Eva Damen and choreographer Angela Kohnlein. It is a work for film and live ensemble. The film is based on the idea of labyrinth - a play of darkness and light - disoreintation - a rotating camera - masses of moving bodies - moving light.

The music takes as its starting images the sound of a bull roarer - two of which are used throughout the whole piece. Every thing in the music rotates and moves - an uneasy feeling.

The music can be ordered from Donemus Publishing House, Amsterdam.

performance history

  • June 2001; ASKO ensemble at Holland Festival, Amsterdam.
  • Subsequently performed by the Esprit Ensemble, Toronto