Electric guitar (collaboration with Andy Moor), electronics, video [50′]

sleeptalk is a project by Andy Moor and Yannis Kyriakides. Using dreams as source material, an algorithm generates sound based on the texts that are fed into it. Some of the source material of both the music and the sound world originate from a 3-day recording session which occurred in Venice during the Biennale in The French Pavilion in October 2018. Yannis and Andy were invited there by Xavier Veilhan who set up a fully equipped and working recording studio for musicians to work and experiment in while a live audience would circulate through the studio observing the musicians and their working process. From these 9 hours of recorded material they extracted some elements to use as the basis for their project. In concert they add their own performance and improvisation skills and create an intense and full soundtrack to the dream texts which are projected on a screen behind them. Scottish composer Genevieve Murphy and Italian contemporary dancer Valentina Campora add their recorded voices in English and Italian retelling the dream in voice and adding another layer to the this rich dense world of sound, words and image.