speaking tubes

speaking tubes is a collaboration with IOU Theatre's David Wheeler and is part of the Vortex project that draws its inspiration from vortex canon sound and turbulent air motion. The physical installation consists of specially designed air-ducting tubes that each house speakers and lead to 5 discrete listening positions between the spaces of the large conic openings. The sound can be experienced in these in-between spaces or in the centre of the installation.

The soundtrack created for this system is based on the vocalization of vortex equations. The voice is deconstructed into frozen phonemes and projected in turbulent motions through the tubes, using those exact equations to generate the motion. Because each listening position is unique, the listener is confronted with his own relation to the moving sound object.

Speaking Tubes

performance history

  • September - December 2012 - IOU Theatre, Arts Centre, Goole and Dean Cough, Halifax.