Piano and electronics

strands is a series of piano pieces about the demarcation between land and sea. The ongoing series of pieces which are based on specific location around the world, explore the transformation of the sounds of the piano into resonance, particles and grains of sound. Each piece approaches the relationship between materiality and immateriality in a different way. The piano is embedded in a sound world made up of field recordings morphed with the sound of the piano.

  • 1. 52°05'10"N 4°14'33”E
  • 2. 37°48'54"N 24°49'29”E
  • 3. 52°04'46”N 1°33'41"E
  • 4. 34°36'25"N 33°00'22"E
  • 5. 36°38'44"N 15°04’40”E
Performance of 1. 52°05'10"N 4°14'33”E by Saskia Laankhorn (at 45:58) .