Violin, piano.

first movement [excerpt]

trace was written for a dance project of Karin Post's (Take) in 1994. The concept of the piece was based on the early computer drawings of Peter Struyken (who also created the lighting-design for the project), where simple algorithmic rules govern the direction of a line. The basic structure of the four parts of the music is simply a progression of complexity from the ratio 1:2 - 2:3 - 3:4 to 4:5. These proportions are worked out on a rhythmic and structural level.

The way I approached the music was to imagine the percieved changes of the time expectancy when watching these lines being produced. Not only did they contain a inherent speed in themselves (the more calculations needed the slower the movement), but there seemed to be an implied time in the tension and release of the linear flow, which music could highlight.

Peter Struyken - Computer Drawings (1974)

performance history

  • 1994; Premiered by Anna McMichael (violin) and Marc Reichow (piano) as part of dance performance “Take” of Karin Post in Springdance Festival.
  • 1994; Recorded on NCRV radio live as part of “Document”.
  • Appeared on THD CD no.1.
  • Performed as concert version in Den Haag (Korzo - Thunderclaps) and Rotterdam (Avond van Yannis Kyriakides).

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