Multichannel audiovisual work for open instrumentation, speaker installation, visual objects (including drum kit dispersed in the space), lights, video projector, and smoke machine created in collaboration with artist Konrad Smoleński.

The music notation in a form of video is projected from ceiling to the floor of the performance space with the accompanying multi-channel soundtrack synchronized. Musicians follow the notation playing the letters as they appear, finding ways to interpret the interaction between lines and symbols, and using any features in the space to help this reading of the score. Objects, sounding or otherwise, may be used in the space to create situations whereby the interference of score and space is enhanced. A dispersed drum kit, cables and speaker installations that correspond to the number of musicians playing should be positioned in the space in a way that there would be no space separation (scene / audience).

The musicians are free to move around the space and and score, and the piece can be played for any length of time, in multiples of 45 minutes (the length of time of one loop of the music notation video). Ideally, durations that go beyond conventional performance should be used. The audience is free to move about the in space, and there is no fixed position or direction in which the piece should be experienced. A large space is therefore recommended, even outdoors, in order to convey a sense of open space, and enhance the idea of communication between large distances. If necessary, more than 1 video projection can be used to cover the area.

The audience can visit the event at any time, and for a chosen length in designed hours. The musicians should start the piece before the audience is allowed to come in, and stop it after the last visitor left the space – as the piece has no beginning nor end.