Sound Installation

Commission from the ARGOS festival 2004. Awarded Honorary Mention in Prix Ars Electronica 2005.

The source material are interviews of Brussels residents from the BBOT/BNA archives. The recordings are edited in such a way as to leave everything but the words. This is then resampled. The wordless interviews are mixed binaurally for the headphones, while the rest of the musical material comprising of resonances, pulses and noise are mixed in the space, so that there is a play between internal and external sound sources. The form of the piece also takes the shape of a wordless narrative telling a story in sounds that are based on the original interviews.

The CD is available from Unsounds.

performance history

  • 20 October 2004; ARGOS Festival, BeursSchowberg, Brussels, Belgium.
  • February 2005; STEIM concert, Frascati, Amsterdam.
  • 1 September 2005; UNYAZI Festival. Johannesberg, South Africa.
  • Tracks appear on several compilation CD, including Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music.